Nuestro barco es un catamarán Dean, de 36 pies. Es un modelo original: hay muy pocos en todo el mundo, a diferencia de los Lagoon estándar y similares. Mucha gente quiere quedarse en catamaranes, pero es importante saber que nuestro barco es diferente a estos modelos. En cuanto al espacio interior, estamos más cerca de […]


Sheitan is a 57ft or 18m fiberglass catamaran. It was manufactured in 2005 by Lagoon, a French manufacturer. It is a catamaran specially built for charter, as it is very spacious and has the capacity to accommodate up to 10 people.  

Ocean Pearl

Catamaran Catana 65' class A ocean going vessel. It is designed and built to be a light and fast boat, safe and comfortable, (the lower part of the hull is made of Twaron, the upper part is made of composites and the interior is built with panels foam sandwich with wood veneers). It is equipped with mast […]


The Tintamare is a 41ft aluminum Explorer. and folding keel designed to navigate at high latitudes and access the most inaccessible places. Its interior is fresh and bright, completely renovated, with windows and natural light in all spaces. Its interior distribution is conceived in such a way that one can have […]

La Gitanita

La Gitanita is a beautiful 51-foot Dufour Gib'Sea from the year 2004. The sailboat has a Panamanian commercial flag and is registered under a legal company incorporated in Panama called “Atlantic to Pacific SA” with an assigned RUC number. It has 3 crew members: A captain with a license issued in Panama and Colombia, a sailor […]


Okumé is a 41-foot Sun Legend. It was built in 1989 by Jeanneau, a French builder. It is a 12.35 meter fiberglass monocoque.


Privilege is the smallest cruising catamaran conceived by Philippe Jeantot, designed by the famous naval architect Marc Lombard and built by the Sable d'Olone shipyard on the west coast of France.