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    San Blas Islands

    Where is?

    The bay of San Blas is on the Caribbean coast of Panama. The Guna / Kuna Yala region extends from Colombia to the Chagres National Park, on the border with Panama City. It is an area of 2,306 km², an exceptional place in the world, famous for its white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and coconut trees.
    A still unknown paradise composed of 365 coral islands, perfect to discover on a sailing trip.
    The incredible islands of San Blas are located on the Caribbean side of Panama and are one of the last unspoilt destinations in Central America.
    If you need accommodation in the islands, information about San Blas or Guna Yala or just want to learn more about the native Guna Indians you can visit:


    By car + boat

    Contact our partners to organize transportation. They will know how to propose the best routes from your point of origin to your boat. Enjoy the trip, it is in itself an adventure!
    Judy Lam +507 67062810


    In small plane

    Domestic flights to San Blas depart from Marcos A. Gelabert Airport (PAC), in Albrook, Panama City, 21 kilometers from the Tocumen International Airport (PTY).  Air Panama It offers daily flights from Panama City to El Porvenir (PVE), the capital of the Guna Yala region, and Corazón de Jesús (CZJ). You can get tickets from $ 350 one way, depending on the route. Flexible schedules


    Do I need a visa to enter San Blas?

    The passport with a minimum validity of 6 months is usually sufficient.

    Should I get a vaccine?

    You may need to get vaccinated against yellow fever, but that will depend on the country you are traveling from. It is best to consult with the Health Organization that you have in your country.

    When is the best time to visit San Blas?

    Panama has two stations. The summer season runs from mid-December to May and the green season, from May to December. When to go depends on what you want. In the summer it is usually drier and sunnier. There is also more wind because of the trade winds of the Northeast, which makes it a perfect season for sailing, windsurfing, etc.

    In the green season the climate can be hot and humid. There is more rain, but there tend to be sudden brief showers that cool the air and are followed by the sun. There is no continuous wind, which makes it a perfect season to dive because there is little movement and marine current. Panama is very close to the equator and has a tropical climate. Temperatures vary between 25 to 30 º C (80 to 90 Fahrenheit). The humidity is very high.

    What does the price in San Blas include?

    -Patron and sailor

    -Menu varied with fresh local products

    -Drinks (Alcohol in moderate use)

    -Bed linen and towels (Does not include beach towel)

    - Auxiliary landing with outboard motor

    -Fishing team

    -Squad equipment

    -Final cleaning

    -Some boats include kayak or stand up paddle

    -Does not include transfers, entrance fees, etc.


    How to get money in Panama?

    In Panama City, you will find several ATMs where you can withdraw money with your card. Panama is a dollarized economy and uses the US dollar. You can not get money in San Blas, so if you want to buy souvenirs make sure you have cash!

    What should I bring?

    Do not bring too much; People often end up using half of what it brings. It's hot and muggy, so forget about wearing warm clothes. Bring sunscreen and enough $ 1 bills


    How to book?

    To formalize your reservation it will be necessary to pay 15% of the total amount at the time of confirmation.
    In some cases the boats ask for 50%.
    The remaining amount is paid in cash on the day of shipment.

    Balearic Islands

    What does the price include in the Balearic Islands?

    The price includes:

    -Patron and sailor
    -Some boats include breakfast
    -Sweet water
    -Bed linen and towels (Does not include beach towel)
    - Auxiliary landing with outboard motor of 18hp
    -Fishing team
    -Squad equipment
    -Final cleaning

    Price does not include

    -Tasas or personal expenses (Crafts, local excursions, meals / drinks on land)
    -Transfers to the ship (Flights, etc ...)
    -Meals and drinks except water and breakfast
    -Marines in port and payment anchors

    How to book?

    To formalize your reservation it will be necessary to pay 30% of the total amount at the time of confirmation.

    The remaining amount will be paid in cash at the time of boarding.

    General conditions

    Travel insurance

    You must bring your own travel insurance.

    Shipments and landings

    Shipments / landings will be made between 9-10am. For landings after lunch (3.30pm) an extra half day will be charged.


    If there is a cancellation by the host, SLE will provide an alternative boat or refund the amount of the reservation

    If there is cancellation by the passenger, the amount of the reservation will be used to cover the expenses of the boat (in the case that the date is very close to the trip) and intermediaries for the management of the reservation.

    For cases of force majeure (justified) the amount of the reservation may be returned partially or totally depending on the circumstances and under the criteria of SLE

    If there are cancellations due to problems with transportation, the reservation will be returned to the passenger in full.

    Payment Methods

    To formalize the reservation a percentage of between 15% and 50% of the total will be requested depending on the boat. For paypal 5% will be added as management expenses

    About the trip

    How to organize my trip?

    Reserve the boat first and do not risk it to be occupied.
    Then you can manage the transport to the sailboat.
    Finally do not forget to include in your luggage a great adventurous spirit and eager to discover new ways and life and thought.
    Stay open and flexible to the changes, the adventure begins!

    Is there wifi on board?

    Normally not, you will visit a remote area where there are no facilities in general, take the opportunity to put aside the phone and "connect" with what happens around you.

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