About us?

The idea of SLE is to support the dream of sailors who live on their boats and need financial support to continue their dream. The SLE team is made up of all the people who love the sea: hosts receiving guests on their boats, guests sharing the dreams of your hosts and all the intermediary people on the SLE platform that make this possible.

responsable tourism

Our main objective is respect for the environment and in harmony with the place where we are sailing. For that we invite all hosts and guests to generate a positive impact in the area and the people involved in our Sailing Life Experience.

Our team

This project is also like a ship that is making its way in the immensity of the ocean.


Captain of this project
Spanish, from Grenada. Founder of SLE, inhabitant of the sea, seeker of stories and endless connector between hosts and guests. Organizing a sailing experience with her is starting the trip, she is a close friend, she is a breath of fresh air!!


1st ground officer
Also Spanish, from the Canary Islands (Spain), in charge of web design and programming, and juggling various Internet world.

Would you like to join our team?

Do you have an idea or do you have something to offer to the community of inhabitants of the sea?

Write us! It will be a pleasure to assess your candidacy to be part of our team.

Behind the Sails

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