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Tips for travelers

When and how?

When do you decide it! We have created a network of sailors in several destinations where it will be possible to sail at any time of the year, there will always be a summer waiting for your life experience on board.

The how is simple, write us telling your expectation and we will assist you in the organization of the trip.


The most important thing is that light travel, less is more! Avoid rigid or wheeled suitcases and think that on board you will be in bathing suits and barefoot most of the time.
Substitute chemical products (shampoos, sun creams, deodorants) for organic products that are friendly to the environment.
Why not? Generate a cultural or gastronomic exchange! Bring a present to your hosts, they will love to try something typical of your country: a food or drink, a music or a movie, a book ... a curiosity;)

General information

A Sailing Life Experience is not a CHARTER, it is an incredible experience of life on board to know a place from a new perspective at the hands of your hosts, people who will welcome you in their houseboats sharing their way of life, philosophy and generosity. A flexible, curious and grateful attitude will make your trip something more enriching than a simple vacation, it will be a before and after in your way of traveling!

What is my role as a guest?

By showing your interest in living this experience you are supporting the dream of life of your hosts, on board the crew will be in charge of security, cleanliness, meals and the route. The comfort in a sailboat is different from a hotel or a house, but it has many other advantages that will change the way you see life.
The way you have to participate once on board is very personal, if you want you can always offer to collaborate or ask the curiosities of life at sea, but above all and ideally, you fully rely on the criteria of the crew to propose the route and to stay always curious and respectful with this other way of life, very different from the routines and priorities of life on earth. If you do not understand something, ask! If you have any criticism, talk to your crew! They will do everything possible to accompany you in your adaptation for life at sea.

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