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Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands are a paradisiacal and almost intact archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean that lies southeast of Papua New Guinea. Located in one of the geologically most active places on the planet, the Solomon Islands are above colliding tectonic plates. The islands are formed by volcanic magma rocks that formed miles deep in the Earth's crust. You can see several volcanoes on some of the larger islands and you can also visit the hot springs, while many of the smaller islands are simply small atolls covered in sand and palm trees, surrounded by coral reefs.
The villagers of Solomon live a totally sustainable life with fish from the sea captured in their canoes, fruits and vegetables from their gardens and houses built with mangroves and sago. They live in small towns, provided with rainwater and electricity, if any, is obtained from solar panels.

Destinations in the Solomon Islands

  1. Laguna de Marovo: Located in the western province of the Solomon Islands, the Marovo lagoon, known as the largest and best defined barrier system of double lagoons in the world. It is home to thousands of species of marine creatures with many inhabited islands, very friendly people who live in traditional villages and the most beautiful carvings of the Solomon Islands.
  2. Vona Vona Lagoon: Snorkeling or diving in the crystal clear waters, especially in the remains of WW2. Surf near Skull Island or Gizo, fish or simply relax admiring the wonderful seascape.
  3. Isla Vella Lavella: Home to many traditional villages, Vela Lavela is a perfect destination for those who want to touch the traditional lifestyle of the island of Solomon. You can reach the beautiful hot springs at the north end of the island using local canoes and walking in the jungle
  4. Mono and Shortlands: These islands are the advanced ones of the north of the Solomon Islands. It takes 14 days for a trip that starts in Gizo and visits Vella Lavella, Baga, Mono, Shortland before departing from North or South of Choiseul. Vella for hot springs, Baga for crabs, Monkey for peace and tranquility in an idyllic lagoon and The Shortlands for the relics of World War II.
  5. Choiseul: Beautiful anchors with jungle slopes. Fishing is good with some Wahoo and Kingfish waiting for your lure. Visit the turtle sanctuary of the Arnavon Islands nearby to see turtles that lay eggs or hatchlings of turtles that slip into the ocean depending on the season
  6. St Izabel: Home of the Papatura surf station and one of the few places in the Solomon Islands where you have the opportunity of some waves to surf.
  7. Malaita: Malaita has very few visitors and the chemistry still has to go there.

Suggested itineraries and time

5 nights: from Gizo to Munda or vice versa through the beautiful Vona Vona lagoon
Seghe for a cruise in Marovo lagoon
Seghe to Munda to visit the port of Viru and Rendova
10 nights - Seghe to Gizo to experience the lagoons Marovo, Roviana and Vona Vona
14 nights: I pick up in Kagau, Choiseul del Sur for a cruise through the best places in the western province leaving in Munda or Gizo.

Sailing - Fishing - Snorkeling - Diving - Surfing - Kayaking
Surf when there are waves or just relax on board
Fusion with Solomons lifestyle
Walking through a village is a good way to interact with the villagers and see Sago Palm Houses
Luciana's cooking classes, which include visits to the gardens and the market or trading with passing canoes, are an excellent way to feel the local way of life.
You will also learn how to deal with fresh local products, such as peeling and cooking roots, making coconut cream and dealing with seafood.

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    Passport in force with a minimum validity of 6 months, without the need for a visa if the stay does not exceed 90 days, invitation letter and return ticket.



    No type of vaccine is necessary, but prophylactic treatment for malaria in certain areas is advisable.

    Mandatory vaccine against yellow fever arrives from infected areas.

    It is recommended to drink bottled water.


    GMT + 11

    arrival airports near


    Honiara (HIR, Solomon Islands)
    Atoifi (ATD, Solomon Islands)
    Balalae (BAS, Solomon Islands)
    Bellona Island (BNY, Solomon Islands)
    Choiseul Bay (CHY, Solomon Islands)
    Sege (EGM, Solomon Islands)
    Fera Island (FRE, Solomon Islands)
    Gizo (GZO, Solomon Islands)
    Kirakira (IRA, Solomon Islands)
    Munda (MUA, Solomon Islands)
    Santa Ana (NNB, Solomon Islands)
    Rennell Island (RNL, Solomon Islands)
    Marau (RUS, Solomon Islands)
    Santa Cruz (SCZ, Solomon Islands)
    Suavanao Airstrip (VAO, Solomon Islands)
    Kagau (KGE, Solomon Islands)
    Ramata Island (RBV, Solomon Islands)
    Ulava Airport (RNA, Solomon Islands)
    Auki Gwaunaru'U (AKS, Solomon Islands)
    Parasi (PRS, Solomon Islands)





    The Solomon Islands dollar (SI $)



    The climate is tropical, softened by the surrounding Pacific Ocean. During the winter, from the end of April to the beginning of November, the trade winds cool the temperature. Tropical rain showers are short and generally separated from each other for several days. In summer, from mid-November to mid-April, monsoon winds blow from the west. This is the wettest season of the year. The period of maximum rains is from December to April. The best months to visit the islands are the months of June and September



    The average annual temperatures are around 26º

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