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Thank you for your interest in getting to know us, we are André and Marina, welcome to the adventure of life at sea!

We met our house Naoma in the port of Papeete, Tahiti in September of last year, 2018. We had just disembarked from Smetana the sailboat of Ilja, our Russian friend passionate about bossa-nova ... who was on his way to New Zealand.

How André came to Smetana talks about the Marquesas Islands and his previous floating house, the sailboat Good Run, a ketch where he lived with his friend Thiago, chasing waves and joys in the Caribbean, with the dream of returning to Polynesia with sailing, where They had met 5 years ago.

How I got to Smetana is linked to the wonder of Toamotus and my dear Tremalnaik, the catamaran of my pirate brothers, kings of pizza.

Going back to December 2017, after 4 years inhabiting the sea, different courses and boats took us and André to the indigenous reserve of Kuna Yala, in Panama, where we met and fell in love, deciding to invent a common history.

naoma sigue nuestra aventura (4)
naoma sigue nuestra aventura (1)

After living for a while in the Kuna community, I embarked with André and Thiago on their project to cross the Panama Canal and the Pacific Ocean towards French Polynesia.

After 37 days from Coco Island, Costa Rica, Thiago, André, Kristina and I, we arrived aboard the Good Run at Marquesas. Almost half a year of preparation, travel, learning and wonder ...

On the island of Hiva Oa, at Marquesas, I disembarked to rest and recover from the long journey, and Good Run continued on its way.

André and I met again a few months later in the atoll of Fakarava, in Toamotus, determined to find our way and calling loudly a boat that would become our life project and our home.

And believing that "Everything we seek seeks us with the same intensity," Naoma appeared.

Ryan and Nicole owned them for more than 5 years, sailing from the United States to here, until they decided to buy another boat and sell Naoma to continue their salty course.

Naoma it's a blessing, French Polynesia; a paradise and little by little we see how our dreams are fulfilled and new ones are born that impel us to continue growing and learning in that dynamic and exciting life that is the life of the sea.

I am learning to dance Tahitian dance and to play the ukulele while André immerses himself in the perfect wave of Teahupoo or plays football with the locals, builds roofs and cares and gathers from the garden with our earthly friends.

Our adventure is taking many courses and we change plans often but our idea is to stay in Polynesia until September 2019 and then head towards New Zealand passing through Fiji and Tonga.

Both of us aboard Naoma Like any of our friends in Panama, Brazil, Spain, Polynesia and many other places, on board your sailboats and catamarans we are always open to receive people interested in experiencing life at sea for a few days, a few weeks, a few months ...

naoma sigue nuestra aventura (4)

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Follow our adventure on Instagram @svnaoma for our boat and @sailinglifeexperience for all our friends boats around the world.

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naoma sigue nuestra aventura (2)
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