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Charles and Sonia

Member Since Jun 2020 - ( 1 year 3 months )

Author's descriptionThe crew is made up of Charles, the captain and Sonia, the sailor. They are French and speak English and a little Spanish.

Charles is 28 and Sonia is 26.

Charles has been a sailing teacher for 10 years. He is passionate about sailing and would love to share his passion and teach you how to sail if you wish!
Sonia is also passionate about sailing. She has been sailing for 6 years. He worked with children and engaged in activities with them in France. He is concerned with the concept of "Zero Waste" and manufactures his own products (such as laundry soap, dishwashing liquids, cosmetics and other things).

They have been exploring the San Blas islands for 1 year and decided to buy a boat, because they would like to travel around the world with their home. They are also very committed to nature and concerned about reducing its environmental impact.

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